Manor Coating Systems

Concrete Floor & Factory Maintenance Coatings

Concrete Floors

Linotex Polyurethane Floor Paint

Features and benefits:

  • Single pack. Hard wearing interior floor paint
  • Direct application to bare concrete and most concrete floors that have been painted previously
  • Simple to apply
  • High gloss showroom finish
  • Ten stocked colours, others available; made to order

Black 18-E-53 Royal Green White 18-B-25 18-B-21 00-A-05 Tile Red 08-E-51

Two Pack Epoxy & Promastic

Features and benefits:

  • Hard wearing solvented epoxy floor coatings for outstanding durability and toughness on interior concrete floors
  • Low temperature cure (Promastic)
  • Semi Gloss Sheen (Promastic), range of sheens available in standard two pack epoxy
  • Ideal for high wear areas including areas used by fork lift trucks

Heavy Duty Line Paint

Features and benefits:

  • Fast drying
  • High build interior line paint for use over epoxy paints
White Yellow

Waterborne Epoxy Floor Paint

Features and benefits:

  • High gloss
  • Same outstanding toughness as solvented epoxy but in a low odour waterborne version.
  • Suitable for use in warehouses where forklift trucks operate
18-B-21 Tile Red

Moisture Curing Polyurethane

Features and benefits:

  • Clear coat for use as a dust suppressant or sealer
  • Outstanding toughness and durability
  • Full Gloss

Anti Slip Additive

Features and benefits:

  • A high performance aggregate that can be added to any floor paint to reduce slip.

Paint for Process Plant

Promastic Primer and 2 Pack Acrylic Polyurethane Finish

Features and benefits:

  • High performance protection using epoxy and polyurethane systems with good resistance to solvent and chemical spillage
  • Promastic Primer low temperature rapid cure
  • Outstanding adhesion and anti corrosive protection

Chlorinated Rubber Finish

Features and benefits:

  • Excellent resistance to water and aqueous solutions
  • Rapid dry
  • Anti corrosive protection
  • Suitable for use on mild steel components including frames and structural steel that will be subject to high humidity
  • Can be used with various primers

Fast Enamel Finish (machinery enamel)

Features and benefits:

  • Medium oil traditional machinery enamel
  • High gloss, short drying times
  • Excellent for application by brush or
  • roller as a refurbishment coating
  • for fixed or moveable plant
  • Range of sheen levels


Zinfos 340WS for pipe marking and structural steel

Features and benefits:

  • Self priming direct to metal application one coat primer finish
  • Anti corrosive
  • Designed for brush application
  • High opacity, industrial grade

Cladding & Security Fencing

High Build Vinyl for galvanised security fencing and cladding

Features and benefits:

  • Applies direct to galvanised surfaces without the need for a mordant solution
  • Applies direct to many types of coated steel used for buildings
  • Fast cure
  • Long service life

Additional Information

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