Manor Coating Systems

Concrete Floors in Commercial Buildings

Industrial Concrete Floor Paints Primer Topcoat
Roller Brush Single Pack solvented Linotex Linotex
Roller Brush Twin pack low temperature cure epoxy Promastic Promastic
Roller Brush Twin pack high gloss floor paint Two Pack Epoxy Two Pack Epoxy
Roller Brush Single Pack Waterborne Waterborne Floor Paint Waterborne Floor Paint
Roller Brush Clear concrete sealer Moisture cure polyurethane Moisture cure polyurethane
Line marking paints for concrete floor paints Primer Topcoat
Roller Brush For use over Linotex - Linotex
Roller Brush For use over epoxy including Promastic - Heavy duty line paint
Roller Brush Aged asphalt (not suitable for large car parks or roads) - Heavy duty line paint

General indicator of typical application method, see data sheet for details:

Conventional Spray Conventional Spray
Air Assisted/Airless Spray Air Assisted/Airless Spray
Roller Roller
Brush Brush
Limitations: Recommendations given here are general in nature only and are based on our experience, they do not constitute a particular guarantee of performance. It is essential that when planning the work to be painted you consult the particular Product Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet and perform appropriate testing. We also have a ’Painting Guide‘ in our on line library which gives additional general recommendations and includes advice on elements of best painting practice. Our Conditions of Sale are also on the website.